Hokusei distributes aluminium products, medical packages and design products. They are related to Hokusei’s hometown, Toyama, Japan.

Metal Products

Tateyama mountain ranges 3000 meters high in Toyama

Dr. Jokichi Takamine, the Japanese father of American biotechnology, was born in Toyama in 1854.  He insisted that Toyama should have aluminium industry because Toyama has mountains, rich water, and metal masters.

Aluminium production requires a huge amount of electricity. Since Toyama has 3000 meters high mountains with heavy snow, it can generate hydroelectric power. Moreover, Toyama is a production center of cast metal and metal craftworks known for the largest output in Japan with over 400 years of the history.

As the doctor predicted, Toyama embraced aluminium industry, and a lot of aluminium companies are headquartered in Toyama. Hokusei Metal Co., Ltd. is one of them. It is an authorized distributer of Nippon Light Metal Co.,Ltd over 30 years.

Pharmaceutical packages

PTP2010Toyama is a city of medicine. Since the 17th century, Toyama’s “medicine peddlers” have delivered medicines to households throughout Japan. Thus, Toyama’s medicines are now well-known to everyone in this country.
Aluminium is used in pharmaceutical packages to protect medicines from moisture and light. Hokusei provides not only aluminium films to local pharmaceutical companies, but also the knowledge of aluminium to protect their products.

Life style Products

Windbell by Nosaku

Windbell by Nosaku

Toyama has 400 year history of copperware production. Hokusei has engaged in several design products over the network with companies in Toyama.