99.999% aluminiumHokusei Products is a leading distributor of high purity aluminium in Japan.

There are 3 reasons to choose our company.

Small lot

Hokusei has its own aluminium processing factory where skilled metal masters cut and bend hight purity aluminium(HPA) in response to customer requests. Also, Hokusei sells HPA products in small volume.

Processing technique
Hokusei has skilled metal masters who can process high purity aluminium without losing its purity.
  • Cutting Work
Since Hokusei can cut the surface of HPA at customer’s requests, customers have a free hand in deciding  upon their design of HPA products.
  • 3D Laser
Hokusei has a 3D Laser machine which can engrave 2d and 3d images into metal products. Since the machine does not require a mold, customer can save their money.
  • Water Jet
A water jet cutter uses high pressure water to cut off metal. Since the machine does not heat material, you can prevent from heat damages.
  • Lathe turning machine
A lathe turning machine curves materials by turning a round shaped metal.It is well-suited fort shafts and pegs.
  • Casting
Casting is to make an object by pouring melted aluminium into a shaped container where it becomes hard. Casting is widely used in a great variety of industries such as industrial machinery and automobile. Hokusei accepts orders from a small amount.
  • Surface finishing
Hokusei has options of corrosion proof, dyeing, and blasting.


Solution provider

Hokusei can provide right solutions to HPA customers. We have been processing aluminium products over 30 years.

Moreover, Hokusei is one of the group companies of Nippon Light Metal(NLM).  Together with NLM, Hokusei has developed new ways to use HPA for growing industries.

Also, Hokusei has production networks in Toyama area, Japan’s mecca for aluminium products. Toyama has 400 year tradition of metal art. For example, 99% of big bells for Japanese temples are made in Toyoma.  Toyama has many aluminium companies, such as YKK and Sankyo Tateyama Aluminium. Toyama has a cluster of small factories, and they have great skills to process aluminium products.