Hokusei Metal Products deals in PTP and laminated packages. Applying our know-how concerning aluminium to the packaging of medicines.

Why Choose Us

  • Knowledge of Aluminium
  • We apply our knowledge of aluminium to the packaging of medicines.

  • Toyama: City of Medicines
  • Toyama is famous for medicines. Thus we know how the packages for medicines should be. When people hear the word Toyama they think of medicine; there is a 300-year history of its medicines being sold door-to-door, and in recent years its production of medicinal supplies has expanded so that Toyama is now becoming Japan’s “Pharma Valley”. By exchanging information with pharmaceutical companies we have built up our own distinctive network and can help to create various kinds of packaging, such as aluminium foil film, protective film and vapor deposition film, according to the purpose required.

  • Quick response
  • Hokusei is a small company with special sales forces. We are ready to respond customers request upon medical packaging.